2012 Humpback Whale Sightings

With the whale watching season coming to an end in Massachusetts, I wanted to create a list of all the different individual humpback whales we saw on our trips this season. The list is quite extensive, as we saw over 100 different humpback whale individuals this year! Humpback whales are given names based on the black and white pattern on the bottom of their tail flukes. When we see this pattern, we are able to match it with the photos in our identification logs and be able to “I.D” the whales by name. We had a wonderful season this year. Aside from just our humpbacks, we also saw many fin and minke whales, Atlantic white-sided dolphins, basking sharks, ocean sunfish and even a couple of North Atlantic right whales. It is always hard to say goodbye to our whale friends at the end of the season. But as they migrate down to the Caribbean for the winter months, we know they will return to our waters off Massachusetts and the Stellwagen Bank come springtime again.

2012 Humpback Whale Sightings–Vessel Voyager III

Anchor, Anchor’s 2012 Calf, Aswan, Barb, Basmati, Bat, Blackhole, Boomerang, Boomerang’s 2012 Calf, Cajun, Canopy, Cardhu, Centipede, Chromosome, Circus, Clamp, Columbia, Crystal, Division, Dome, Dome’s 2012 Calf, Doric, Draco, Ebony, Echo, Ember, Eruption, Etch-a-Sketch, Evolution, Falcon, Fracture, Freckles, Fulcrum, Ganesh, Geometry, Gladiator, Glostick, Habenero, Habenero’s 2012 Calf, Hancock, Hornbill, Iota, Ivory’s 2007 Calf, Jabiru, Lace, Lariat, Leukos, Level, Liner’s 2008 Calf, Longboard, Manhattan, Mend, Midnight, Mogul, Mostaza, Music, Mystery, Nile, Orbit, Owl, Palette, Palette’s 2012 Calf, Palindrome, Pele, Pepper, Pinball, Pinball’s 2012 Calf, Pinpoint, Pisces, Pisces’ 2012 Calf, Pixar, Pogo, Pumba, Putter, Quote, Rapier, Rapier’s 2012 Calf, Ravine, Ravine’s 2012 Calf, Reaper, Reaper’s 2012 Calf, Salt, Samara, Scylla, Scylla’s 2008 Calf, Scylla’s 2012 Calf, Seal, Shuffleboard, Sirius, Sloop, Sloop’s 2012 Calf, Snare, Snowslide, Springboard’s 2009 Calf, Techtonic, Tornado, Tornado’s 2012 Calf, Tulip, Tulip’s 2012 Calf, Tunguska, Ursa, Valley, Venom, Ventisca, Whisk, Wizard, Zodiac.

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